Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hanging in here:)

We've been keeping busy around here with things. Anthony is supposed to start school next Monday so we've done uniform shopping and things such as that. Can you believe a public school with uniforms! I like the idea...

(a few pics from our goings-on)

This morning I went and got my crowns put on. Good thing, too, because I could feel everything through those temporary ones. I had no idea he would just pry them off with pliers either. (Lots of arm-of-the-chair-gripping happened.) All is well though. And they are pretty and natural looking. I'm pleased with the choice I made despite the price. (Though I almost passed out when I saw how much they were!) I have strong feelings for my teeth. Maybe it's just me, but I feel a need to keep them firmly in place:)

Well, I was trying to fix this picture here below, but it's just not showing the love today. Kevin brought home this flag for us. They flew it in Iraq.
He brought home some other things as well. A piece of the Berlin wall from their stop in Germany, and a piece of one of Suddam's palaces also made it's way here. (Kinda wrinkled my nose a bit at the last one, but I understand why he snatched it.)

I've been looking around for a coffee table shadow box, but I haven't been able to find the one I want. Ikea used to carry one, but I guess they discontinued it or something. I thought it might be nice to display all his
doodads that he brings home from his travels. If I can't find the display coffee table I might just convert my old dresser and put a glass from on it or something. We'll see!

Day before yesterday I surprised Kevin, once again, with a visit from his brother. I must admit now that I'm all out of surprises. I'll have to work up some more good ones, because this has been pretty fun. Anyway, he'll be in town for a few more days and so today Kevin's going to bring him over for a visit. (We surprised Kevin at a restaurant:)
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