Friday, March 28, 2008

Yay for a nice new doctor.

I love finding nice doctors. They make your life so much more enjoyable. Especially when it's required that you spend time around them having procedures done to you that you would rather avoid.

The point of my appointment was to see if we could figure out what is going on with my back. She was pretty sure I just strained it. It'll take time to heal. OK. I can live with that I suppose.

She and the nurse seemed pretty concerned about my blood pressure though. Apparently 140/86 is not good, nor is the ten pounds I've gained since my last appointment with my OB. Tomorrow I get to go and let the vampires have their fill of my blood to see if we can figure out a reason for it. I know during pregnancy my blood pressure is always high. But never after having a pregnancy do I really go to the doctor. I'm pretty healthy overall. So I have no way of knowing if it is just generally that high or if it was a fluke. I wasn't really nervous or anything. And I was sitting for about 20 minutes before I got called into the exam room. Another mystery to be unveiled. She strongly hinted at med's to control it. Soon I shall have a pharmacy in my purse!

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