Thursday, March 27, 2008

A trip on the horizon....

Guess where we're moving when Kevin gets home?

I'll give you a hint...It's not on the West Coast.

North Carolina awaits us. I'm so nervous. And excited. We're house hunting! I honestly don't know how long we'll be there. It's hard to guesstimate with these governmental types....but hopefully it will be a while so we can feel at home where ever we end up. Everything is so cheap out there compared to here! The same three bedroom/two bath would cost $500k here. It's like a quarter of that over there. Amazing.

Speaking of the Government....Every time Kevin calls it says US Government on caller id. I'm still not used to that. I'm waiting for one time when I answer in one of my silly ways ("Grand Central Station!") and hear one of his friends checking in rather than him. (They do that. Still getting used to that too. One of the guys called me from the airport to let me know he was leaving for Iraq and that others would be checking in on me. So thoughtful.)

Would you like to hear about my other adventurous stuff?

I got a volunteer job at the local Museum of Art. I'm excited about it. I truly believe that if you follow your heart and do the things you love, other good things will follow. (Perhaps a real job with the museum???) Volunteer work seems to be what will work for me right now. I'm studying for my real estate appraisal license. Talk about nerve wracking! But very interesting. I'm liking it a lot. Anyway, I've been looking into getting part time work while I am doing the prep for the license and no one has called me back or responded to my applications. It's very discouraging sometimes, but it must somehow be in God's plan. I don't want to be doing things that I know I would hate. You know, like licking envelopes or collecting garbage on the side of the road. (I assure you I believe those are very noble jobs....just not something that I feel called to do.) So I've found a couple places to volunteer at, and it fills my need to help people as well. Like next month I am helping out with the MS Walk at Lego Land. Lego Land, I'm sure, is cool. But I wanted to help because my friend has MS and I wanted to do something to help in some way. This seemed like a small but helpful way. I figure, do the things I really have a passion for and something good will come of it.

Next I was thinking of volunteering at the Soup Kitchen at Church, because I know they need help. But I don't want to get into too many things at once and then get in over my head. We'll start small and see what happens.

Another day, another adventure.

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