Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My thought process.

It's sometimes strange. A lot of times inappropriate. Read on.

At my grandma's funeral someone told me that my grandmother didn't have pants on. The story is that someone figured that she didn't really need know...since she's dead and all. I know! A little demented huh? And then my cousin says "Everyone is going to be staring at grandma on the last day because she'll be the only without pants on." Well that's a nice image.

So after the funeral some of us went to lunch at a restaurant. Someone brought up what grandma was wearing. Note here that I didn't get to see her. The casket was already closed. My uncle, who transported her in the coffin in the back of his truck (haha!) offered to let me see her if I really wanted to. Nah. (We're an odd bunch. I know. My uncle is a cop so he's seen a lot. And my grandpa worked in several cemeteries so the family has seen a lot having to do with the dead.) I'm sitting at one end of the table and I hear someone mention that she is wearing the new suit that she got the day before she died. Well what about her pants? Everyone is wondering, but no one says anything. So hand it to quiet little me to say something.

Me faking shock and saying really loud--"GRANDMA HAS NO PANTS ON?!"
You should have seen the look of shock on everyones face. The one responsible for getting her clothes on her shot down the rumor and explained that she is just wearing different pants than the ones that came with the suit.

Goodness. Rumors. I tell ya.

Well...and then there is me saying more inappropriate things. Like mentioning that at least she went to the bathroom before she climbed back in bed and died. My thought was that she was getting ready for her "trip". I guess no one else got it. You know, you tell your kids to pee before you get in the car....Wow. I think I need to reassess opening my mouth. No one gets my sick humor. Or maybe I'm just not funny. Maybe I just need to keep that image everyone has of me going with just being quiet shy little Celeste.

Anyway, I've really been thinking about all the dumb things I've said lately. And I've been wondering if maybe I'm just a cruel joke God thought would be really funny. At my expense.


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Anonymous said...

Well, I've been there before! Foot-in-mouth is a disease I'm taking medication for (daily dose of life and humility). At least you got the offer of seeing her. I kept feeling bad that I'd missed the rosary and didn't get to see her. I hadn't heard the rumors though. I think it's ok to have out-of-whack thoughts when something like this happens. I wish I'd been there when you made the bathroom joke. I would have gotten it AND laughed.

Love you!

Jen (can't seem to get this silly page to accept my URL)