Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Who loves the ER?

Not me!

We took a late night visit to the ER after I had an asthma attack. Thankfully one of Kevin's friends was over and agreed to watch the kids. That and I think I had everyone freaked out so I think they WANTED me to get out of here.

I tend to panic when I have asthma because well I can't breath. For some reason it really freaks me out to not be able to breath. I was literally having a panic attack on top of everything and started to hyperventilate. I'm such a goof. I even got the classic curled up, paralyzed hands. I could have been a great teaching tool for newbies if it had been a teaching hospital what with my text book symptoms. Alas, the Naval hospital was short staffed and 5 hours later they decided that "hey, she might really need some treatment for that asthma". I was just thankful to get out of the waiting room and not have to listen to the guy with the broken nose vomit blood into a bucket between his feet anymore, and away from the million babies that seemed to be spawning around us. (The babies were pretty cute though. Even I can see that. )

So...after 5 hours, I got 5 minutes with a doctor who agreed that yes indeed I did have asthma, and it wasn't pneumonia and I'm not pregnant (I think I got asked that like 5 times before I really started to get peeved), and an upper respiratory infection that was only harassing my asthma causing bronchitis. Yay for prescription drugs and a ride home to children passed out from crying.

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