Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good things for when you're sick.

So I keep getting sick. It's probably a combination of my physical and emotional sensitivity, and the fact that everyone keeps bring sickness into my house!

I got over a sinus infection. Now it's back, with a 102 temp and a horrible chest cough that has my asthma acting up and is making me feel like I'm drowning. Hopefully I don't have pneumonia...My brother that was here for Christmas went home sick and progressed to pneumonia.


Have you tried the Puffs tissues with Lotion and Vicks? Wow. I can't smell anything, but when I use one of those it's like I can smell it through my tear ducts! Clears my head. For about the length of blowing my nose anyway. And keeps your nose nice and moisturized.

Another great thing is the Triaminic Melt-away strips. It really beats have to swallow that icky syrup, or a pill when your throat is raw from coughing. Great inventions, I tell ya!

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