Saturday, December 01, 2007

Todays work is finished!

"What's this?" you ask. This is the cover for a seat that my friend Deena had me working on. I finally finished it today with a big "Hurray!" I must admit this picture does it little justice. The colors are much richer and darker in real life-- brown and blue. However the lighting here in the house really stank today with the cloud-cover and rain and all.

This whole project made me look at my sofa and go, "Hey, I could recover the sofa!". Yeah. No thanks! WAY too much work. Some days I have the attention span of a peanut. I can imagine the comments I'd get from Kevin if I started it, got bored, and months down the road the sofa sits half covered in whatever and half still in it's ugly upholstery. I'd rather just buy a new one and have someone else cover it however we like. Lazy? Absolutely.

Anyway, I'm glad that I sat down determined to finish this today. It helped having Kevin here to shoo the kids out of the sewing room.

Kevin is on vacation for the next three weeks. He commented, Thursday when he got home at noon, that I never sit still long enough to do anything--I guess like talk or relax. (Huh?) But I did realize today that even though I was working heartily on my project that I was still running here and there every 15 minutes or so to change a diaper, a load of laundry, make some lunch, wash the dishes, change dirty/wet clothes, clean the toilets, make honey nut cheerios and bake bread. And log on to the computer every once in a while to check out a new blog or look something up--don't even try to talk at me then, I won't hear you. ("Be quiet! I'm trying to read!") I attempted to sit and read some of my 1944 copy of Anna and the King last night while he sat and played his PS3, but I got about 2 paragraphs in before one kid wanted to know what I was doing, and the other wanted to go nigh-nigh.

Makes me wonder what he thinks I do all day while he's at work:)

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