Friday, November 30, 2007

Ok...we're past the "just looking fat" phase.And we by-passed the "feeling great and beautiful" phase too. Now we're into the "feeling pregnant, not wanting to pick up the other children, having that pain down your left side all the time, not sleeping because you're in pain" phase.'s a beautiful thing. I hope all women get to appreciate it the way I do. (No sarcasm there. Truly.) And if they don't....well maybe it'll take some time off my Purgatory sentence. We can hope.


No work for us today. Mostly we ran errands, did grocery shopping, and spent a few hours (painfully) wandering the isles of Fryes looking for an external hard drive for the computer. Apparently I take a lot of pictures that take up a lot of room. And someone else has about 3000 songs and vidoes. More room is needed. But we finally came to the conclusion that we could find something cheaper online. The search continues. But the kids were enjoying the huge aquariums that they had so we stuck around so they could watch the colorful fish in wonder.
In the mean time we've spent lots of time coloring lately. It's our new favorite past-time.

And we've learned that it occupies both children quietly during Mass. Am I a horrible mommy for wanting to get through Mass without running outside a million times? I think everyone prefers silent coloring to noisy children. What do you think?


Susan said...

The baby belly is too cute. At least the end product makes it all worth it. I read an article that said that books/coloring is totally okay during mass. That it teaches children that they can't be rowdy there. As they get older, they will learn how to sit and listen. I totally agree with your methods.

cami* said...

Oh my.... So Fast!
i know sis, my last preg was really aweful. i will not compare, yours have always been that way. (((HUG)))
Hang in there lilMama,
xoxo, cami*