Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy to tell you that this Hands-free reading pillow is added into the blog shop. Have a gander. I'm open to custom orders. Not just for reading pillows, but if you have other ideas as well.
I was super excited to see my neighbor cleaning out her garage because she had lots of goodies that she offered to me before she puts them into her garage sale this weekend. I snatched up this Radio Flier scooter for Anneliese as she's been drooling over Anthony's bike, and the neighbors car scooter for quite some time now.

I offered her ten dollars (they are so expensive!), but she said "That's WAY too much! No way. $5...and I have some other stuff for you too." Ok!!! Yay for Christmas cheaply. I'll add a bow and call it done. It's practically new too.

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