Monday, December 31, 2007

Always room at the Inn.

We have an open door policy. If there is a Marine or Marines needing a ride or a place to stay, our door is open. We've had three great Marines staying with us as they have just returned state side from their time in Japan and their tours in Iraq. It had been more than 2 1/2 years since they had a home cooked meal, and spent time in a family setting. I've been happy to help them out there! Neither Gary nor Carlos had even been able to call home for cell phones were handed out to give their Mami's a call.

Annie has been keeping them entertained. And has been loving their attention. I can't blame her:) They are lots of fun and really funny.
Jet lag and time changes kept this Marine asleep when he tumbled off the couch. He didn't even notice:) Just goes to show they can sleep through anything when they feel safe.
Later today or tomorrow they will check in with their new Command, and move into the barracks. But the door will always be open if they ever want to hang out and have a meal and watch football. Kevin makes sure that there is always a open invite for Sunday football. I like hearing the happy noise around the house.

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