Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolutions.

Whoever made this idea up is...dumb. I make up resolutions everyday and break them all. Shows you how much self discipline I have.

I suppose when it comes to the real important things, making a resolution is just sort of pointless. Usually when we find something that is important enough that we would want to make a resolution out of it...the effort to make the resolution doesn't even enter your mind because you're so busy already doing what it takes to accomplish it that the idea of making a resolution seems redundant.
Interesting huh?

But just for the sake of posterity and because I'm such a follower...I'm making some anyway. Haha. We'll see how far I get on any of them.

#1. Where a dress for a whole day. This seems silly, I know. But the last time I wore a dress even close to all day was on my wedding day. Now, I'm no longer nursing or pregnant, so I can. So I will. Hopefully it will be that gold dress I got last year.

#2. Swim in the ocean. It's kind of cold right now. But it's literally 5 minutes away, not so cold during the summer, and really pretty nice. So there isn't really any reason not to. (Except for the whole sand everywhere thing.)

#3. Make a patio garden like this...My patio is in no way that big or pretty...but it could be green and lovely none the less. The land is so barren around here. I need some prettiness. Even if it's just on my patio. For now I gave up on gardening the outside front yard because the yard maintenance people are so intelligent that they can't tell a weed from a plant and weed whacked the heck out of what I had planted. You'd think that of all people they would be able to tell the difference. Not that they would care. Obviously.

#4. Figure out how I want to help other people. This is a huge thing. That I realize might take a lot of time to figure out. But that is ok, because all I have for now is time. And everyday if I try to help someone in some way maybe it will become clear to me.

#5. Work on healing through my grief and sorrow. Not let it become depression.

What are your New Year Resolutions?

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