Friday, November 16, 2007


I've nothing much to share today. It's a lonely, tired day for me. And I'm glad it's almost over.

Our little peanut is starting to get really active in there. Or at least he's getting big enough to where I can feel it pretty often throughout the day. Not so much on the outside yet though. Baby was laying funny though with it's tushy sticking out to the side sorta. Quite cute.

Mostly I lay around...working a bit here and there on a pillow I've been trying to embroider. And sewed a bit on my friends seat cover. (I really need to get that one done. I've had it for months now, and I'm starting to feel like I creep for being so inconsiderate about not getting it done. ) And I blog surfed and watched the Oprah show about the lady that horded stuff into her house for 35 years. The show reminded me of some people I know. Thankfully not to the same extent though! But anyway...I can't imagine having so much stuff in my house that it filled up three semi's and a ten thousand square foot warehouse. Holy cow.

I just got the shipping labels for all of Anthony's K-2 school stuff. It should include this computer. So I'll once again be seeing less of me on here. But we'll still have Kevin's computer so hopefully all will be fine and good.

I'll be around. Hope everyone is well.

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