Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kinda Sentimental.

Actually reads, "over emotional and overly sensitive". But we'll stick with sentimental because it doesn't make me sound so...hormonal.

I've been trying to get some good pictures of the kids with their dad lately so that I can make some prints and laminate them for when he is gone.

It's getting easier now that Anneliese is becoming more attached to Kevin. She is still of the attitude that she doesn't want to be touched or hugged or held...But if he catches her interest with a book, or a toy, or gets her when she is in the right mood she is all lovey dovey with him and screams and cries when he leaves to go anywhere. Of course he is just wrapped around her little finger too.

And of course Anthony wants to be part of everything he is doing.

Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside:)

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Jen Lang Mama 2 9 said...

Very sweet!