Wednesday, October 10, 2007

La dee dah

We get our car back today! I'm so happy!

Thankfully everything but some fluid changing for the rear differential was covered by our warranty. I'm afraid to know what the total cost would have been otherwise. Thank goodness for warranties.

Now we need to go grocery shopping. Bare cupboards.

I've been trying to finish a project for my friend...a cover for a cushion. It's going well, I just can't sew for 2 seconds without Anneliese trying to climb on my lap. I locked her out of the room yesterday so I could get something done, and she lay on the floor with her fingers under the door sobbing like it was the end of the world. I might as well strap her to my front permanently.

Both the kids are having behavioral/attachment issues right now. It's sort of driving me bonkers. And I'm at a loss as to what to do. It's not like I'm not here all the time. They have me all the time. I don't get why they freak out every time I'm out of their sight.

Remember a while back I was blogging about Anthony having tantrums? He's doing it again, but now he's really violent. So violent that he tore my shirt, and I had to lock him in the garage to get him to stop hurting me. Unfortunately that is the only place that has a lock on the outside of the door. He doesn't...comply...with time outs, or staying in his room when he's in trouble. Spanking....ha! Taking things away...Pfft. No playing outside? Only if I stand in front of the door blocking the way. That's dangerous though. He doesn't calmly stand by and say "ok". My mom suggested counseling of some sort. I agree. After I explained to Kevin that he tore my shirt, he agreed too. Something has to happen...I'm afraid he's going to hurt me seriously one day soon. I went upstairs to try to just distance myself from him when he got out of control yesterday and he caught me around the waist and slid down around my ankles making me fall on the stairs. This is not good.

There you go. Another thing for my prayer supporters to pray about.

Hopefully today will be event free.

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Susan said...

Some sort of therapy is a good idea. You'll both learn how to handle his anger. Have you tried limited his white flour, sugar, dairy, and wheat intake? Sometimes those things can cause strange reactions in children. Just a thought. Good luck, hon.