Thursday, October 04, 2007

I was wondering if ya'll could just pray for us regarding our car.

Military Homefront was finally able to help us get our car checked out yesterday. This morning the mechanic called to tell us that we need a new engine and some other things, over $3000 just in parts. So...because the car is still under warranty he suggested taking it to a dealer to have them fix it. (And then we won't be taking advantage of his helping us out for free.)


So we ended up taking the car to the dealership. We won't know anything until tomorrow. At any rate, we'll be without a car until the middle of next week. Crossed fingers....everything will be covered by the warranty. Otherwise...I defrosted my credit card and hopefully it will cover it.


cannondale said...

Hey congrats on being with child. I just signed on as a blogger so am new to this. your kids are cute, good luck with your pregnancy.
ps. why won't those dishes wash themselves?

Celeste said...

Thank you! And welcome to my blog. Don't mind me too much as I stress over life's lovely "adventures" right now.

Don't we all love how everything will be going alone fine and dandy, and then something happens and you're just like "that's not fair"!