Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday-- How time flies.

I've heard people say that independence comes with age five. And lots of questions. And non-stop talking. And wanting to do things for ones self. So when Anthony came in and started making himself a PB&J sandwich, Kevin and I were not really surprised as we were taken aback by how quickly age 5 is coming. And how quickly 5 years has passed. It happens so fast!

Kevin was promoted on Monday. It came at a good time.
He has been having daily conversations with people over at MARSOC about moving over there. I wouldn't mind as it would keep him stateside a bit longer, he'd be busier at work (trust me that's a good thing), and peace might settle for a few minutes:) The unit he's with has been on his case to get everything done to be ready for deployment though. You know, the will, the power of attorney, the child care in case of an emergency (yeah still working on that one). At times it seems really far off still, but as soon as Thanksgiving comes and goes, it'll be right around the corner. I'm sure I'll start freaking out more, and worrying more, and arguing more, and being anal about knowing about all the bills, all the car issues, all the phone numbers I need to have. Right now...I just kind of get annoyed with everything. I keep wanting to shut myself in a room and stuff my ears full of cotton. Maybe it's denial?!

So, last week I think it was, I joined Melaleuca. I have been hoping to make a business of it, but right now I am still trying really hard just to get through the day with a limited number of visits to the porcelain god. So not much business is getting done. If anyone is interested though, I would be willing to let you purchase products with my discount so that you can try them out. They're pretty great, I've found. I like the Renew Lotion because it doesn't leave that oily residue on your skin. You actually soak it up. Kevin was all "Your feet are sooo soft!" The Sol-U-Mel is great for taking the crayon murals off the wall. I like the laundry soap too. It's a smaller bottle, but you still get 96 loads out of it. It takes up less room on the shelf, and weighs less. Which is good for me who is quite lazy and makes Kevin carry anything remotely heavy. So if you're interested, just leave me a comment or email me!

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