Monday, October 01, 2007

Ahh another Monday!

Mondays are not usually something to say "yay" about but I think we all here were eager to get this Monday going. Kevin will hopefully get promoted today, if the unit decides to get their act together. I really wanted to be there for it because I've missed out on everything else. But their being kind of tight mouthed, or they just don't really care too much, so I'm home wondering if it will even happen today. Kevin forgot to take the camera as well, so now I'm kind of bummed that if it does happen I won't even get a picture. Oh well.

I'm kind of lolly-gagging around this morning though. I'm really tired. You know in your first trimester how you have to pee every 5 minutes. Well it's no different at night. But last night I got up and tripped over a little body in the middle of the floor. Kevin and I just sort of stood there looking at Anthony curled in a ball at the foot of the bed. "What's he doing there?" "I don't know..." "He looks cold." "You move him." Of course the ruckus, done as quietly as possible, woke up Anneliese who then wanted to nurse, which resulted in much screaming, some growling, and groaning and moaning. I couldn't go back to sleep. And then it seemed that as soon as I did, the alarm went off at 5. So...I wandered around the house aimlessly for a few hours just staring at everything that needs to be done, made a mental list, and then sat down with a bowl of cereal before the nausea could overtake me. Unfortunately the dishes won't wash themselves.
Guess I better get up now.

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