Tuesday, August 07, 2007

No Dr.Phil, Emergency room, and supermarket tantrum.

So I've been invited to go see the Dr. Phil show with other military spouses at the end of this month. The thing that kind of makes me sad though is that I think I'm going to have to re-nig on my RSVP. Kev can't take a vacation day for it. I have no one else to watch the kids. I don't think anyone would want to show up at my house at 5:30am anyway. Especially with how "lovely" my kids are when they wake up and I'm not there. So sorry, Dr. Phil!

We visited the emergency room this afternoon. I had to pretend we were just going to check out the Doctors office because Anthony was starting to freak out at the sight of his own blood. What happened was that he tripped and fell on his hip on the pavement in the street and gashed up his hip pretty good. I thought he might need stitches, so we headed to the ER. All is well though. They thought that stitches would just be more trouble than we needed. ( My poor son is afraid of the doctor hurting him, what with the experience of having his elbow relocated. Not so fun.) I felt kind of dumb that he only needed a band aide and some ointment, but better safe than sorry. I wasn't about to go sticking my fingers in his side to see if it needed more attention. I'd rather let someone else do it! Anyway...Kevin's reaction: "He's ok....Hey I'm getting pinned tomorrow! Blah blah blah...." Ok, for once I'd just like the dad person to share my freaking out for a moment. I'm thinking that won't happen. Unless an arm is severed or something.

Thinking that there wouldn't be anyone at the grocery store at 8:30pm, I put the kids in the car and went to get our WIC stuff. Envision a screaming/flailing child, poopy diaper (that always has to happen when they get mad, what's up with that???), 10 people deciding they also need to check out at the same time as you, and trying not to yell at the other child running wild, all the while trying to maintain your composure AND get the groceries. Hah. I love being a mom.


Susan said...

Good grief, you had a day! Hopefully today will be uneventful for you. Ooooh, I hope that you find somebody to watch your kids. You should have a day to see Dr. Phil. He so rocks!

Jen Lang said...

Yep, that pretty much covers it! And we thought our mothers were crazy just 'cause! But there are those beautiful moments that make it all worth while! The Dad reaction thing will probably never change. Maybe it's the military training. In all of our years with kid accidents, I've only seen Clay get slightly worked up once. I hope today is calm!