Thursday, August 09, 2007

I've been occupied with life.

Life just keeps coming quicker and quicker. Things happening quicker. People growing faster. Things happening all the time. I guess that is just how it goes.


Kevin was presented with a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his "Superior knowledge and understanding of his job", and for teaching everyone up to a Colonel how to use the radios and equipment, AND for being invaluable in the training of the Marines who are now deployed to the Sandbox and using the skills he taught them. Go babe! Totally rocks. This added points towards his promotion, which should be around October/November. Woohoo. Very exciting. He also got word today that 1st ANGLICO and MARSOC heard about his skills and they both want him. We'll see what happens. Kevin wants MARSOC. I don't have a preference. They are both here, both special forces, both really busy and demanding. He'd be gone a lot, blah blah blah. Didn't we just finish two years apart? I think I could handle a couple of weeks for training. Even six months would fly by. I thought the two years would never end, and look where we are now! Go where you want! Be happy hon! :)


Some of the supplies came for Anthony's homeschooling. Very exciting. He wanted to tear everything open and get started, but it doesn't officially start until the first week or September. The last week of this month we'll head down to San Diego for a meetup with the teachers and homeschoolers from the area to go over some stuff, meet some people, and see what sort of activities they have planned for the school year. It should be really fun. The more time passes, the happier I am that we are doing this. Kevin was really worried about his socializing. "Not a problem, " I told him. And it won't be. He has kids over here ALL THE TIME, and more seem to come every day. They actually fight over who's house he'll hang out at. I had to do some regulating and invite them all in so that I could keep tabs on what was going on. (The only problem there is that they all want to EAT everything in sight. I had to put away my pie so they would leave me alone about it. ) He's so agreeable and nice, I have to teach him to say no and to stick up for himself. Nice is ok, but being a pushover is not. Anyway, I think it's pretty clear that there won't be any problems with friends and being able to fit in. Kevin ends up coming home most days and kicking everyone out! :)
So I think things will go well. He's very interested in learning, and seems to learn really quickly. We went over one of the lessons and he breezed right through it. I was a little worried because he's pretty young for Kindergarten, but he seems to be able to handle it! Yay!


So today I was looking for something interesting to do and realized through browsing some of the museums online that the Dead Sea Scrolls are at the Natural History Museum in San Diego. I am VERY interested in going and checking that out. Now I'm just wondering how I can do it with the kiddies in tow. If I left super early in the morning it might be ok. The later it gets in the day, the worse they are with going places and having to behave. Maybe we'll go on the weekend so Kevin can help me chase them around....

Our play group is getting a little old. Not that it isn't still fun. There are a ton of meetups planned. But we don't have funds to pay $30 a pop to go to LegoLand, or however much it is for all the other fancy places. We're good beach/pool/library/park goers. That....and all the moms are pregnant. NOTHING against pregnant women (seriously, I promise, I love babies), but oh my goodness I just can't stand it. It makes me want to run the other direction. Like it's contagious or something. LOL. Crazy huh? I just want to play with my kids. Not have to be the odd woman out. You know...they always ask when you're having another. The nasty comments that come to mind aren't very polite.

What I really need to do is to do some more promoting of my mom's group. I need to get some fliers printed out or something. The first meeting was supposed to be today, but no one RSVP'd save me and the kiddies. That's ok for now, I guess. More is merrier though!

Wish me luck!

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Susan said...

Please keep us updated on the homeschool stuff. I'd love to give it a try, but I'm so afraid that I'll not follow through, or that the girls won't thrive at it.

Be careful of those pregnant ladies, they spread that baby dust all over! LOL Honest, only you know how many children are right for you, and if you are ready to be done or have more. It's nobody else's business.

Good luck with the mom's group. That's gotta be a bit hard to get started, but I'll bet it really does well once it takes off.