Friday, July 06, 2007

Around here...

We've been hanging out with my family for the last couple of days. They go back home tomorrow. We had a good 4th of July...just hanging out together and having some good food.

And we've been having a lot of good food lately. I'm having a lot of fun flexing my "Chef" muscles. I have not really gotten to do that much in the last couple of months. So having family here and getting to be able to go a little food crazy and have people enjoy it has been fun.

4th of July we celebrated with Red, White and Blue for dessert on homemade Pound Cake. Yummy.

Little Girl enjoyed the whipped cream quite a bit. The berries she left behind though.

I'm so happy when I get a good picture of her it happens so rarely.
Unfortunately I still have not gotten around to doing much work. That's not too bad of a thing because I can't just go around ignoring my guests. But I really do need to kick it into gear as soon as I can. It'll make me happy to see some things start to turn out....

Speaking of turning out....We keep ending up with kids turning out in our yard/patio. We have a patio out back and the neighborhood kids climb under the partition thing that goes around it all the time. It's really pretty annoying. In a effort to keep the "strays" out my mom and I went to the Dollar Store and got some plastic garden fencing that is just tall enough to keep them out. We're off to the hardware store in a bit to get some zip-ties to attach the fencing to the posts of the partition around the patio. Maybe we'll pick up some plants and pots as well. It's pretty barren back there and I would love to have a real garden. My little herbs look a little sparse out there by themselves. I'm hoping to also set up some sort of fence/partition/garden in the front by the front door. We're pretty much on display here on the corner. And the kids come right in the front as well. Maybe it will make them think twice before walking in? We can hope.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. And I hope you have a great weekend!♦

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