Saturday, July 07, 2007

Post 400

Today is all about plants and gardening. My mom, while she was here visiting, helped me out by setting up this little fence around the bottom of the perimeter of the patio in back. It's good, it's very good. As you can see...there isn't much else there right now...but I have high hopes.

I'm so very happy to see how many blossoms there are on my lemon cucumber plant. Hopefully some cucumbers will develop!

My mom also hooked me up with this awesome pot by the front door. It's pretty open...I'm hoping to add to it and make a sort of partition so that we're not so "on display".

And this little guy....My prayer plant that has been around for years....Well I water it when I remember and it seems to like that idea. It's growing, growing, growing! I'm glad I finally figured out what works for it!
I just want to say...It's been lovely sharing with you! All 400 posts.

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