Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paper mache?

I haven't quite figured out how to make Paper Mache obey. I have these pictures in my head of what it's supposed to do for me, and it just won't cooperate.

It's really fun getting your hands all messy though. For now...I'm thinking I'll stick with what I know how to do. (Mostly by trial and error!) I'll have to do some reading about it. I know that you can use chicken wire and mold it to the shape of what you want and then cover over it with the paper mache, but that just sounds like too huge a thing to do here. I have the garage to use for work as well as my little room upstairs, but I think if I start one more project, Kevin might start giving me the evil eye:) So far he's been very understanding of my messes. (There are lots of them!) I think it makes up for it when he sees people happily taking my projects home with them and leaving monetary gifts behind. It makes me feel good too! I like knowing other people like my stuff. (And it makes all the trial and error stuff worth it too!)


Claire said...

cool! Maybe cute the stips for teh pens skinnier that way you get the idea that it is music sheets, without actually seeing the whole chart? I have noticed that smaller is better in many ways.

Felicia said...

They're looking good. Don't give up. You'll figure out how to make that mental image come true!

Celeste said...

thanks for the input ladies. i'm working on some more'll get there eventually:)