Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The stay at home saga, blah blah blah

My mom sent me this article this morning. If you're not up for reading it....the gist of it is that yet another feminist liberal woman wrote yet another book on how useless stay-at-home mothers are. As if we're not already wondering about that while we're changing diapers, doing laundry/dishes/cooking/sewing/vacuuming/educating/managing while on the phone with whatever agency trying to correct whatever wrong bill. I'm totally not trying to be preaching to everyone...but it just really REALLY annoys. We wonder if we are doing the right thing. Usually all day long. Wondering if we're teaching our children correctly. And then a neighbor sings the praises of your child's good manners and easy-going personality. We wonder if we're keeping a good house. And then a friend comes over and is just mystified at how you keep home livable and juggle play groups, your own business from home, and your husbands crazy job, along with swim lessons, music lessons, soccer games, PTA meetings and the like. Yeah, I get tired.

The kids run me ragged sometimes...but I wouldn't trake the best paying job in the world if it meant not seeing the sight of my children waking up with sleepy smiles and saying "Good morning, Sunshine Mama!"

And besides...any self respecting woman takes care of herself by doing more than just sitting in front of the TV for the hour that she has free a week.

Rant finished.


Claire said...

urg on so many levels. I know that economicaly we are just fine with me staying home. I may not have all the best brands in clothes or purses, but that is fine by me! i can't imagine missing all my babies' milestones and hearing about them from a DCP when I pick them up.

Celeste said...

exactly. i think that the people who write those books don't have any kids. it's easy to feel that way when you don't have kids. but when you do...missing those things is just heart breaking.

Susan said...

Amen! Some people don't get it, I guess. Their loss, really. We SAHM's know about our kids. I've been on both the working side and the stay home side. I like it over here so much better.