Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This morning I woke the kids early to run an errand in town. I got Anneliese dressed and when I was done she laid her head in my lap and just stayed that way for about 10 minutes. We didn't really have the time to spend lazing around, but she is so seldom affectionate in any way that I just let her be. It was really sweet. I sat there praying for more moments like that for her because she seemed perfectly content. Which is also a rarity.

Of course those happy moments passed and now that it's early afternoon she is back to her usual fussy, cranky, don't-touch-me self.

I love after-Christmas sales!!!! Everything is always so expensive around Christmas time, I almost never buy anything. But after Christmas is a different story. I just spent an hour in the Hallmark store being greedy and snatching up all the Christmas ornaments that I loved but was not going to spend $12 a pop on. At $1 a piece I would be crazy not to.

Old Navy also has a bunch of cute stuff 50%-75% off. So I bought a two new sweatshirts (at $6 a piece) to replace my favorite one that I bleached down the front. Yay for sales!

Did I mention that I won $64 on a scratcher the other day? Yeah, it's mostly gone now. But it's been fun while it's lasted!
I've done nothing crafty today. But I finished another book yesterday which I'll be posting about momentarily on my other blog.

I did, however, spend some more of that lovely money on a few magazines to see what other crafty people are up to.

I glanced out at my little potted herb garden this morning. Holy cow! They are just like bushes! I'm going to have to start harvesting and drying and making teas and such. It's great! So exciting.
Anneliese is busy spreading laundry cheer about the living room. I guess I should get it put away...


Debbie said...

What a super cutie! I just read the first part of this post but I can see that you're a very caring mother. Do you find that you have trouble with your kids sometimes though? You mentioned that your daughter is upset a lot. Have you ever asked her what happened that made her upset? Sometimes a good conversation starter is :what did I do wrong? You can write to my name is debbie if you have any questions. Warm regards.

Celeste said...

I have trouble with my kids all the time!!!-- but I think part of it is that their personalities are completely opposite of mine and so I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what's going on in their heads. I spend a lot of time comforting and reassuring them that everything will be ok, even if it doesn't seem like it is right now. My daughter isn't quite a year old yet, so as far as asking her what's wrong...I do, but she doesn't answer back with much that I can decifer aside from "Mamma Mamma Mamma Mamma, etc." She's glued to my hip 99% of the time, so she's got my attention!