Thursday, January 11, 2007

The beauty around us.

We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. There is so much around us that we just take for granted because we drive by it everyday, or are too busy to stop, slow down, and enjoy what nature has provided.

We spent a couple of hours wandering the woods at Armstrongwoods Nature Reserve. Granted it was freezing today, and ever colder in the damp woods. But they were still beautiful, and at a brisk pace we kept warm enough.

After walking a half mile Anthony needed a rest. The bench we chose was comfortable enough, and gave us nice wet bottoms.

If there is a hill, it must be run down!
Watching birds bathing in a stream out of view. Big tree! Let's climb!
Little miss enjoying the stroll.
La dee da.

Yesterday at about 7 o'clock I got an itch to sew something. So I ended up turning out a cute and unusual looking clutch/purse. I'm sticking on some straps so I can actually use it. Did purse manufacturers ever have children? Because I bet half of them didn't. Most of those cute little clutches you see around...there's not way to fit a diaper in there! I know! I've tried! And it doesn't work out so well. So this one is a little longer and taller than your everyday clutch. I hope it is actually usuable.

I'll show you tomorrow.
Spoke to Kevin yesterday for a few minutes. He sounded tired. He started the conversation like this-
k: I have to talk to you about something pretty ****ing important.
me: *freakingoutsilently* Ok....
k: I love you.
me: *peeved and speechless*
k: *laughing*
me: Well you don't have to ****ing swear at me!

Hah. Of course he can swear, but I can't. You should hear how people get on me if I swear....It's like I committed some heinous sin...

Anyway, nothing new in that department.
'Night 'night.

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