Monday, November 13, 2006

Today is a rainy day.

It was a lovely weekend. I took the kids and we went shopping, and to the park, and to the book store. The beginning of a new week starts with rain here. It has it's perks. You're forced to find something useful to do inside. Or make sure that you have plenty of kids movies on hand.

I've been fiddling with my camera. Actually I've been glued to the manual for it, trying to refresh my memory on how everything works. Sometimes I think I have too much fun taking pictures of things. I have about 1500 pictures uploaded onto my computer. Perhaps that is why my computer runs so slowly. It gives me something fun to do though. Photoshop is a kick to use, to clean up photos and add special effects. The thing that gets me thinking is that I'm mostly self taught with everything, so I bet if someone who actually knew what they were doing checked out my work, they would find a bunch of things wrong with the way I do things. Ooooooh well. I know there are particular ways of going about artistic mediums, but even in school I hated having to be told that there are rules to the way you can draw/paint/sew/sculpt. What's the point if there are rules to how you have to create stuff? It just doesn't seem right for some reason.
Do you remember being a little girl and fiddling in your mom's jewelery box, trying on her
things? Anneliese now goes through my things. My purse too. If I wear earrings that is the first and only thing that she will want all day play with my jewelery. I have a vast array, but seldom use any of it. It will probably just be passed along to her someday, for her to do with as she pleases. These shell bracelets hang on a jewelery rack....

Speaking of the Princess herself...She is grandpa's little Princess. She doesn't really get actively invovled in his games and playing, but she tolerates him because he is willing to hold her at any hour.
She has not only one tooth coming in, but three or four. She won't let me look in her mouth, though. I kind of have to sneak peeks when she is laughing, etc. It's not wonder she has been so miserable, but she is getting better. It's actually a pleasure to be around her now. Not that it wasn't before, but after five minutes you wanted to find the volume control behind her ear or something.

This is our coin jar.
It's a vintage 5 gallon glass water jug from San Francisco. It's another of Anneliese's favorite things. It has lots of shiny change at the bottom, and it stays cold all the time, so at any hour you'll find her standing next to it gumming her mouth. It's multi-purpose. A great find:)

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