Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy bees.

The kiddies are keeping me super busy. "Read me a book Mamma!" "Read me ANOTHER book Mamma!" "Get me something to eat Mamma!" I can't keep enough bananners in the house either! They are like monkey's, I swear.

Then there are the super number of baths they've been taking. Somehow pudding looks better all over a kids face than on a spoon in his/her mouth. Applesauce is better smeared in hair. And bubble wands make for good hair combs. They work especially well when they are still wet with bubble solution.

Little bunny got a face...

And a bow...
And now he's ready for adoption! Please send me a line if you are interested.

When it hasn't been raining, it's been freezing cold.
We like layers and layers of clothes and hot drinks to keep us toasty. Although, somehow the cold always seems to seep in through those sweater holes, and up the legs of your pants. It gives a good excuse to sit cuddled under blankets and watch movies though.

Still no word about our little move to the Asian world. Kevin is out in the field so it won't be until this weekend or later that I hear from him.
Miss him terribly. The last few days have been kind of rough in that I just wanted to crawl in a hole and be sad all by myself. We all know babies don't let us do that though. It's good. If I went in that hole, I'd probably not come out for a long time anyway.

Just a little bit ago I spoke with my dad for a few minutes before he had to leave for work. He said my mom gave him the papers yesterday to finalize the divorce. I felt horrible because he was trying so hard not to cry, but did just the same. My mom told him they were getting divorced over 4 years ago now...and all she did was complain to me about how he never told her that he loved her in all that time, that he never begged her to try to fix it. I'm not a man, but if someone told me they wanted a divorce and that they didn't love me anymore, I would say "Fine. That's that." I wouldn't go on and on about how much I loved the person. How broken-hearted I would be if Kevin told me that.
My mom is in men-are-the-bane-of-our-existence-mode. It's heart-wrenching because all men are not the same, all marriages are not the same, all women don't feel as she does about men. She'd never admit to this though. It comes out when she talks, and you can see she is bitter.

Sadly, I don't think my parents should ever have gotten married. I don't think either one knew what they were really doing. And my mom obviously had different ideas about what marriage was than my dad. I'm grateful that they did though, no matter how horrible it's been the last 30 years for them. I'm grateful for my life, and for the chance to get married and have my children. I wouldn't trade these things for anything. I hope someday that my parents wounds will heal though. I hope my dad will find happiness, and that my mom will gain a better perspective.

That wasn't the planned course for this entry...but I feel better having talked it out of my system.

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