Thursday, November 16, 2006


These little marble-magnet guys are something sweet I'm working on in my spare moments. (Stocking stuffers?) They are super easy! All you need is some vase marbles, pretty paper, glue and some magnet strips with adhesive backing. Glue your marbles onto the paper wherever something pretty will show through. Let dry. With an exacto knife cut around the marble. You can also peel off any excess paper. Then, cut a magnet strip big enough to cover the back of the marble and stick it on. Super easy, cute, and useful!

This is Velveteen Bunny, cousin to the recently finished brown felt bunny. This one is really cute. I'm still working on him. He needs something to "dress" him up. He's a musty-blue-green color. Very vintage looking.
Because those last pictures were so bad...I took some better ones of bunny.

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Susan said...

Those are all so damn cute!