Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today's post is title-less. I didn't know what to put as the title. I feel like I'm running out of creativity.

I weighed myself this morning. So far I have lost 24 lbs. Can we say "WOW!" Two lbs to go.

That's pretty amazing. It's most especially amazing to think that someone my height (5'1) weighed as much as I did. I would be overjoyed if I lost another 10 lbs. You might see me blow away on a breeze, but it would still be cool. I'd be at the light end of the weight scale. As it is I haven't weighed this little since I met Kevin 5 1/2 years ago. Sadly some things don't go back to where they used to be pre-babies, but heck, I'm still happy. Stretch marks and all! LOL


This morning Anthony woke up and went in to go potty. And then all of a sudden I hear him crying. He came in and told me that Peter poured cold water down his back when he was washing his hands. The back of his pants were wet, so of course he was crying about this too. I don't know what's up with Peter. He does mean things all the time and makes Anthony cry constantly. The other day he told Anthony that he was going to cut his head open and take his brain. WTF, ya know! He's not even 4 yet...He takes things seriously when you say mean stuff. I try not to tease the way we did when I was little...Saying mean things and stuff like that. I just never liked it, so I try not to do that sort of thing with my kids. So Anthony takes it seriously when you say stuff because if I tell him something that he thinks is mean *like making him go to the room to be alone* then I follow through with it. I guess he doesn't see a difference with Peter saying that sort of thing. But he shouldn't be saying it ANYWAY. Or pouring cold water down someone's back when they JUST got out of bed! Grr...

A while back I caught Peter holding Anthony's arm up behind his back and whispering mean things in his ear. Just so not right.


The kids were up until after midnight last night. I can't pray enough for us to get our own place quick enough. Can't wait to shut a door on them both! Anthony wouldn't stay laying down. Even sitting up would have been ok, but he kept jumping on the bed. And Anneliese was literally screaming her little head off. I tried teething remedy, I tried tylenol, I tried nursing her (she bit me thank you), I tried rocking her, I tried food, play, toys...Nothing worked. I finally got out her old pacifier and stuck it in her mouth. She shut up and went to sleep. I hate pacifiers, have I mentioned that? Then I was able to tackle Anthony and snuggle him to sleep. The little pain in the asses. I love 'em to death!
Hey, did I mention Kevin got promoted? I think I forgot to. Anyway he was promoted at the beginning of the month. Woo hoo!

Does this mean I have to be a good example or something? Whatever...I don't have to worry about that until I'm stuck in a place where everyone gossips and people can hear you talking three houses away. Hah!

Hey did I also mention I'm kind of pissed at him?... No, I didn't think so. The man is partying in Australia. When I asked him what he had been doing this is exactly what he said: "Partying! And drinking beer. And blowing shit up. And drinking beer WHILE blowing shit up. And going to clubs."


He doesn't know it yet, but when he gets vacation time and is home...I'm leaving him with the kids and going to Hawaii for a week to party and get tan on a deserted beach. ALONE. Actually does anyone want to come with me? You can leave your kids with your husbands and we'll all have fun together.

Yeah right. He'd probably be begging me to come home before I even got there.

Yesterday I bought some plants for my garden. Some are useful, and some of them I just liked. I got a white gardenia. It is pretty. I also got some Oregano, Rue, Chamomile, and Lavendar. Rue is pretty much useless from what I've read, but it's a cute plant. We'll see how they do in my little garden.

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