Sunday, September 10, 2006

On being a health nut.

People always think something other than what they know is weird or strange.

I already know I'm both those things. But add being a almond milk drinker, remedy taker, and wanting to do everything naturally and then people start to look at you funny. That is if they aren't familiar with that type of life style. I'm liking it though and feeling better since I've started.

Kevin just asks that I not turn into a hippie. That would involve patchouli...Which I happen to hate.
While we were in Texas Anneliese came down with the worst case of thrush in her mouth. The whole inside was white and coated. I knew I would catch it if I did nothing. I'm incredibly succeptable to yeast problems, so I went and got some candida remedies while there and drank more water than I've ever drunk. Her thrush is cleared up now, thank heavens. It was worse than Anthony had it, and I was lucky not to catch it too. Yeast in the breasts makes you feel like you are on fire. It's enough to make someone quit nursing.

Breastfeeding is the healthiest thing for your baby. In other countries it's not strange or uncommon for women to breastfeed their children to 3 years old or even 4. In the United States though it's looked upon as being socially unacceptable. I nursed Anthony three months into my pregnancy. He was 2 1/2 years old. He stopped on his own, probably because the hormones made me milk taste different. I think I was more traumatized than he was. Anyway...some people are like "she's got teeth she'll stop nursing soon!" My thinking is that Anneliese will stop nursing when she wants. Who knows when that will be. Not past three though. That's my limit. I'd like to have my body to myself for a while!

A few weeks ago I was looking into getting training in naturopathic medicine. I came across this website for the Global College of Natural Med. I'd love to do that...but it's just not financially feasible right now. Perhaps when the kids are older and I can leave them for a few hours to work somewhere. Looks interesting. And I could open a practice anywhere we moved.


I also came across this website that is for Natural Family products. It's got some great stuff. But it also is like Mary Kay and other company's where you join up and sell products and recruit people under you to make more money off them. I love the products but I am so not into having parties and being a sales person. Might work for someone else though. Take a look and see if you are interested.


Susan said...

That's actually my school of choice! I had to go with one that's much cheaper - for now. I love it.

Celeste said...

really?! which one?

Susan said...
I'm taking the herbology stuff. The nice thing is it gives you an idea if you'll like it, without costing a fortune.

Susan said... this is another interesting, if not expensive, one