Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Kevin leaves today for Australia.

I was supposed to get up at like 1 or 2am to call him, and I didn't wake up. I think I might have missed him. I left a message on his phone...but I don't know if he'll call back or not.

I just feel ill. And like I want to sob my till my eyes are swollen shut.

At least I got to talk with him last night for a few minutes. He was telling me that they were trying to put an IPAC through for us without him even having anything to do with it. After he's already told them like 5 or 6 times that he no longer wants to extend over there. I guess they don't like no for an answer. The problem for them is that around the same time his tour is over a bunch of other guys will be leaving as well, so they will only have the younger guys there who are inexperienced on the equiptment. Sucks for them, I guess. He's good at his job, from what I hear.

*few minutes later*

Whew....he came online!!!!

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