Saturday, September 09, 2006

Broken hearted.

Mom and Peter are going to Yosemite to camp for 4 days. She invited me to go along, but I just am not up to doing that with two small kids. Maybe if Kevin were here...Mom just isn't up to chasing after Anthony and changing diapers as much as she used to be. (She's still full of advice though. I swear you'd think I hadn't had a kid before with how she tells me what to do with Anneliese.) Anyways, I'm thinking nightmare with lots of dirt involved. No thanks.

So I said maybe next time. Anthony heard the whole thing and started crying that he wants to go. He's acting like it's the end of the world or something. Poor little boy wants to be involved in everything. But I just can't do it right now.


We have a bunch of extra wood outside that dad is supposed to be getting rid of. I'm going to steal enough away to build a little raised garden. Then I just have to find the dirt to put in it...There's always signs up about free filler dirt...I'd just have to go get it.


Talked to Kevin last night for a little bit. He's been out in the field for a few days. I miss him alot. He seems farther away than usual. Wednesday he's leaving for Australia until the beginning of next month. I'm betting on no contact while he's gone. He only called once, or maybe twice, while he was in Korea. Can't wait for him to come home. Not sure where that home will be yet, but I just can't wait to be with him.
We were talking last week about how by the time he gets home it will have been about two years since we've practiced being man and wife. That's enough to make a girl nervous. The only guy that's seen me naked in two years is Anthony and that's only because he has this talent for walking in right when I get out of the shower. I can't imagine much has changed. Except perhaps what two years of celebacy can do to a man.
And then there's just stuff that changed while he was gone that doesn't get mentioned...Like what shampoo to use on the baby, and how I pay the bills, and how the day is organized. It always changes when he is home though. He's all about doing everything right now. And we're just homebodies. It'll be interesting to see how things change. Looking forward to it.

Longing for it.


Susan said...

Two years, oh my gosh. As for your son wanting to go camping, maybe set up a sheet tent over a couple chairs and let him "camp" there? I know little kids LOVE forts. lol Good luck hon, I wouldn't do it, either.

Celeste said...

A sheet tent...Yeah those are fun. Can you come over and clean up after? LOL

Susan said...

Um, I can't keep my own space in order! lol