Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Little girl in a constant state of unhappiness.

All I can figure is that she is teething, her tops this time, and she's in pain. She doesn't sleep, she nurses often but not very long, and she is constantly crying or whinning. She is finding my arms chewable though. I have teeth marks, and arm hickies. I don't know what's up with that. She'll suck on my arm but not nurse. Weird kid. I give her the Hylands teething remedy still, and she falls asleep almost instantly, but she wakes if I set her down. So annoying. I let her cry in hopes that she would just go to sleep, but it hasn't worked so far this morning. She just screams louder if she hears me talking.

Poor Anthony too...She screams at him if he comes near me. I've heard of kids fighting over attention from a parent, but I didn't think my kids would be that way. (HAHA! And they don't scream in stores either...Right.) Anthony just wants to be held and hugged. He's fine with her being on my lap too. But she's just like "Get AWAY!"

This morning Anthony called to me in the kitchen..."Mamma I need a woman in bed!" .....*crickets*....I'm thinking "what the hell?! what movie did he get that from?!" So I set down my cup and went in there. He had piled the pillows under the blanket so it looked like there was a person in there. He explained to me that it was a woman. Peter taught him that apperantly. Whew! I thought I was gonna have to, I don't know, do some explaining I didn't want to have to do yet or something.
I get my first Netflix movies today. I finally signed up because last month I spent like $50 renting movies. This way I spend like $18 and get as many as I want. Works for me. And we can keep them as long as we want. Saves me on late fees, too.

Yesterday I figured out why I keep having headaches, and an achy jaw. A wisdom tooth is trying to come in. It's poking through my gum, way in the back of my mouth. That's probably why my teeth are shifting. Probably shouldn't have waited 5 or six years between dental appointments, but I must say I'm not a big fan of dental offices. They smell funny. And I hate the sound of drills. Oh...and the last time I got worked on it took 6 shots to numb me up. This time, they can just knock me out. I don't want to see or hear anything.

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