Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ooooh my....

I'm sooo tired.
Three days ago I started to rearrange my bedroom and clean out stuff that is just cluttering up our life. Three days later I'm still cleaning, vacumming, and trying to figure out where half my clothes are.

I finally got rid of the give-away stuff that was packed in the car. Thank goodness for that. I hate having junk in the car. Aside from the fact that I just cleaned it and was hoping to keep it that way till we leave, it seems like everytime we get into it it accumulates more garbage than I can ever remember purchasing. You know, toys from fast food, wrappers, water bottles, the damn papers from straws, news paper, old mail, lists, reciepts. It's like a magnet for trash. Really annoying.

The never ending cleaning saga.

I'm sitting here waiting for Kevin to get off from work. Earlier, in a less than 2 minute phone call, he let me know that his extension plans aren't going as planned. What that means...I don't know.

I give up on the whole thing. I'm bitter, yes. Damn Marine Corps. I'm pissed at them right now. I want my husband gosh darn it. Just send him back here, I'll take care of him. If they don't want to sign the extension papers and bring us over there then I don't want to be there. I don't want to be where I'm not wanted. I just want to be together.

Wonder what's going on...

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