Monday, August 07, 2006

Never-ending headache.

I feel like I live on ibuprofen. I think it's stress. It's usually stress. No matter. I shall soon have a traveling headache! As in the headache will be traveling on an airplane:)...Haha. I'm so lame.

Ok, what's new.
I got my hair cut. Looks good. Not so short, just like an inch, but she put some layers in. It looks cute. Flips out at the bottom. When it's down that is. It's just in my usual ponytail most of the time, so it wouldn't matter really what it looked like down, I guess. But I got a nice head massage while there a the salon so I'm happy. I about passed out when she felt that good.
I'm almost all packed. I really don't have all that much in the suit case, I'm just paranoid I'll forget something. God, I mean it's not like they have Walmart or grocery stores there! I'm just anal is all.
Anthony is totally in this "are-we-leaving-yet" mode. It's driving me nuts. He's been acting out a lot lately (as in punching, kicking, hitting anyone who is within 10 feet of him just because he thinks it's funny and a good way to get someones attention), so the asking if we are leaving just about sends me over the edge. I can tell, this is just going to be so much fun. He is going to be psycho the whole time we're gone and I'm gonna wanna hide out in a closet because of it... I'm wondering how I'm going to keep him in bed once I get him there. Even at home, it seems like I have to fetch him every 3 minutes (not lying!) and put him back in bed. I have dreams of attaching permanant velcro to his back so he can't get up. I think superglue might irritate the skin though.
Honestly it will be interesting to see how things play out. I'm not really sure how the girls are, (I'm still learning with my own!), so it'll be interesting to see how they(his cousins) handle his brutish boyishness.

On the subject of Kevin's orders...He stopped his extension pack from going through. He wasn't getting what he anticipated and hoped for so when his tour there is done he'll be leaving. To come back state-side. Yay! *Please oh please, San Deigo, San Diego, San Diego, San Diego* I would love to have lived in Japan for a few years, but I'm happy with this decision too. It'll be nice to finally have him in the same house.

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