Friday, September 01, 2006

We're home!!!!

I can't say how happy I am to have a door to shut on people!
Our three weeks in Texas were quite the adventure. I am super happy to be home (even though nothing has changed for the better here!).

Anthony has become clearer in his vocabulary and is quite the little man now. He's very good at instructing, and will still share his useless bits of information but in a more concise way. And he's skinnier than ever. Thankfully,though, it seems that since we got home he's been stuffing his face, so maybe he'll put on an ounce or two that he lost. I think a big part of the weight loss was the constant distraction of his cousins.

While we were there Anneliese cut two bottom teeth, (she was so miserable!), learned to crawl, and to sit up all by herself. She's still Miss Opinionated America, but I think with getting the crawling down she's happier. She's also eating some solid foods which makes for lots of baths!

I'm tired and cranky. I realized this morning that just coming back into this house made me irritable, but I'm working with it. Switching back into defensive/bossy mode....well....I HATE it. But I'll do my best not to be a complete bitch. Aside from putting all our stuff away and doing laundry I have a bunch of cleaning to do just to make our room livable again. It kind of got trashed while we were gone. People always make themselves to home in there.


News on Kevin. What do I say???....He is coming home, he's not coming home....I don't know if he's coming home. Who knows:) There's a chance he might get to come to California to teach some classes and then get some vacation. We're still waiting to see what happens with that. I'm just kinda like "whatever...I'm tired." I'm so lonely...I just have to shut down my loneliness processors. I'm getting used to being alone. Is that good or bad? Maybe some of both. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather he not come home until he can MOVE back here. Vacation kind of sucks because it's so short...I feel like I'm in shock afterwards. It's not so good. Not that I don't LOVE seeing him...but it's easier to deal with the absense than with the short visit and gone again. Kinda makes you wonder what the military is thinking-- do they know what this does to families?

Ok, enough of that.

I'll post some pictures later after I've got the baby to sleep. Hope everyone is doing well!


Susan said...

Welcome home! I hope you had a good time.

Celeste said...

Thanks! It's good to be back!

All the kids together were driving me out of my mind, but other than that it was good!

Susan said...