Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sad tears, plane flights, frustrations...

If I'm not there in bed when Anthony wakes up in the morning, he cries hysterically. He has a bed, he just prefers to come in the middle of the night and get back into mine, and then when I am so banished to the bottom foot of the bed and therefore decide to end my own misery by getting up... he freaks out. Sometimes...I feel bullied by my own kids. And one of them can't even speak yet.

On the topic of motherhood....Anneliese has been so miserable the last month or more. Yesterday it just came to a head when she would not stop screaming. ALL DAY LONG. If she wasn't screaming she was moaning and groaning and whimpering while she was nursing. I couldn't figure it out! The teething remedy wasn't really helping as much as it had in the past. She didn't really want to be held. No toy was entertaining her. She was even screaming at Ben, which is nuts cause he's usually like her hero. So kind of desperate to change the situation...I had a box of rice cereal that I never opened for Anthony, so I made her like 2 Tbl spoons and sat her in her chair and fed her. She was like a completely different person. A completely NICE other person. She'd whimper between each bite wanting more.

What kind of a dumb mother am I? My kid was hungery for solid food and I didn't even know it. They should come with instruction manuals. I was following what the doctor was telling me...."She shouldn't really want food for a couple more months." Oh, ok. Well, aside from her being hungery, that's great. I'm so glad that she won't remember this when she's older. I'm sure she'll find something else to torture me for though!

Next month I'm taking the kids to see their grandparents in Texas. It should be fun. Anthony will have his cousins to play with. And I'll have people to dote over the baby. It'll be great.

I just don't enjoy the thought of being on the plane with them for so long. Children on planes are never fun. We'll see what happens, I guess.

I'm completely and utterly irritated and frustrated with this wife who won't leave me alone. She's coming across as being a real bitch because her husband is higher rank than mine...and she's new to the Corps...and she keeps bugging his superiors...and asking me whether she should call them again to get things going. I don't know what to tell her....go away?


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