Friday, July 28, 2006

A few pics.

Some random pictures of the kids...You can really see how blue her eyes are here... they have brown around the pupil though. Very pretty.
Seems like all the nice pictures I get of Anthony are blurry. Still cute though.
Anneliese with bows in her hair... Everyone picked on me for making her look so "girly". Mostly my brothers who are intent on teaching her to throw knives, shoot guns and bows and arrows, and divise bombs from household cleaning agents. They're pretty determined to make her a tomboy, so bows in her hair was subject for much joke-making.
This was when we were outside throwing water balloons at eachother. She thought we were all nuts.
And this is how they sleep usually. Snuggled together with legs spread eagle. I tried sleeping in Anthonys bed...but that didn't work out so well. They both ended up in it with me.

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