Friday, June 09, 2006

Lean on me when you're not strong....

Or when you can't stay awake.

Kevin's dad sent me that picture. We were in Yosemite, and Kevin was insisting that we walk the mile to Mirror Lake. And well, as you can see, one lil person couldn't make it that far on his own. See Marine's are good for something. When you're tired just make one carry you! Granted I had a baby like 7 days prior to that and could have used carrying too, but I wasn't about to let him throw me over his shoulder and fireman carry me all that way. He did offer though!
I never got around to washing the car yesterday. So when I go to town I'll run it through the car wash. I'm lazy. Some things are worth $5 to save you from lugging a bucket of water up and down 55 stairs.
I met up with Anthony's Godmother last night, and a couple of other people. I dropped by her house on the off chance that someone would be home. Anthony had a blast. She let him bottle feed the baby calfs and play with the pigs. He absolutely loves animals. And it's great cause he can go visit them anytime he wants, she says. Which saves me from having to feed and water them. (I told you I was feeling lazy. ) He also got to play with my friend Yvonne's little boy. And thank goodness he didn't get physical with him at all! The poor little boy is just a few months younger than Anthony, but he's also a good head shorter than him too and not used to the rough and tumble kind of kid that Anthony is.
Anneliese was not happy at all to be there though. Anytime anyone looked at her she literally started to scream. If I looked straight at her she'd get that pouty lip of hers and start sobbing. And then she'd look around at people and start crying even harder. It got to the point where everyone just avoided her, and I had to gaurd her eyes with my hand to keep her from freaking out. It was pretty obvious she was having stranger anxiety. Poor girl. We ended up coming home to try to calm her down. And when we got here she was all giggles and smiles and snuggling with her Grammy.

Yikes. She's going to be another challenge.
Going to drop by the post office to see if my new books have arrived! I should have had them this past Monday for my class online, but I can read them at my own pace this way and really absorb the info. I probably failed the class, good thing it was free. I just couldn't get the time to do the research projects and all the homework it involved. Kids needs are more important. At least I learned some things though, and the books should be handy to fill me in on everything I missed.
Happy day everyone!

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