Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A day at home.

I'm tired of going going going...so today we're staying home. Maybe we'll bake something.

Anneliese is really taking leaps and bounds. She's "talking" a lot now. And has no qualms about telling everyone how it's going to be. She tells Anthony off all the time. It's pretty cute. She's the boss and Anthony is just like "Ok!" She's also getting interested in grabbing everything in front of her and putting it in her mouth. It's kind of nasty how strangers think this is funny. Don't they KNOW where their hands have been?! And now they want to let my child suck on them. I don't think so.

Anthony is doing pretty well. He hasn't thrown a tantrum in at least two weeks. He still acts up but it's nowhere near what it was like before. He even sat still at the library and let me read him two books. That amounts to miracle material. And he didn't even have his harness on! I was amazed. And so happy. Yay, one little sign of hope!

The class I was taking online last week I never got to finish, however I've been reading the books I got to accompany it and I've learned quite a bit. Apparently Homeschooled children do better overall on standardized testing than do tradionally schooled children. They also score higher on the SAT's and College Entrance Exams. Traditional Schooling was not enforced until the mid to late 1800's, and only then because the State of Massachucetts was overrun by militia who marched the children to school under armed guard who were challenged by something like 80% of the population armed with guns and whatever else they had to fight with. Amazing huh? I was homeschooled and never knew those things! However, I didn't exactly go looking to find out. I was more interested in being free from the Eduation System as fast as possible, hence why I tested out at 16. Anyway...I'm finding out lots of interesting stuff. I finished reading Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto. It's been an eye opener. I would recommend reading it if you have any bad feelings toward your childrens system of schooling. Or if you just question teaching methods.

I'm off to watch Charlottes Web!

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