Thursday, June 08, 2006

Here's an idea...

At the risk of sounding totally against our society....
I was laying in bed thinking about the fact that our culture is mostly against having more than two children. Here's how I came to that conclusion. We went to Walmart and Kmart to look at carseats because Anneliese was almost already out of hers. So I'm standing there staring at all these wonderfully cushioned, pretty colored, reclining, oversized and over-priced chairs and thinking "Oh my gosh...what the heck are we going to do if we want to have another baby! Where will we put ANOTHER careseat?!" Why am I freaking out so bad? Well because first of all we are spending $15k on a new car that we needed just for this reason! Besides being old and falling apart, the Mazda would barely have been able to fit the two car seats in the backseat. We'd have room for maybe a bag of groceries on the floor. So we get this new car just for this reason. (And because I didn't want to have to worry about driving down the freeway with two little children and have the car fall apart if I drove over 65 mph).
So anyway...there's this whole pattern. To have another kid we'd have to have a better job, or multiple jobs, to pay for the better car to fit the overpriced third carseat into the car that would end up being an SUV that we couldn't afford to drive because of the overpriced gas... and the payments would keep me from diapering the third child.

Interesting huh? So even if you wanted to have another kid, our society makes it pretty damn hard for you to do it.

Now I should go into the speel about how when I was a kid we didn't even have to ride in carseats, and how on hot summer days we'd ride in the back of grandpa's truck, which is now totally and completely illegal in California.

Haha. Ok. I'm done.

A friend of my mom has decided she is taking me and Anthony on as a sort of "project". She is getting her masters in psychology or something and decided that she will help us find someone that can help with Anthony's behavioral issues. Apparently there is some institute in town that caters to children that have ADD/ADHD, and other social issues that don't necessarily show up while at home, but manifest themselves when in public. I thought that was interesting. So I'm waiting to see what she comes up with. Perhaps they can help. I'm still hoping he'll grow out of it. I'm not dillusional, thinking he has no problem, I'm just hoping that he's making things worse by being 3 years old and naturally hyper and inquisitive.

Today I'm going to wash our car:) Must keep it pretty...the darn sap is starting to drip from the trees so that car is all sticky. It looks terrible because of the dusty dirt roads out here. I have to wait till the kids wake up though because I won't hear them if I'm down at the car. I figure it'll keep Anthony entertained for a while. He can play in the water and ride his tryke.


So I've been selling things on Craigslist. I'm currently trying to do business with this guy who wants me to drive down to San Francisco so he can pay me $10 for a vanity set that is worth $45. I said no. It would cost me more to drive there! I checked on shipping prices for him and sent him a copy. Shipping would only be like $5. Come on...$5 gimme a break. I'd pay $5 and save the gas and get my pretty things the next day. People amaze me. I've found that it's usually the people who have more money to spend that are trying to pull one over on you. It's pretty sad.

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