Monday, May 08, 2006

For Obsessive Package Senders

1. I will not order anymore boxes from the 800 number until I use the
100 I already have.

2. I will not search for "heavy" snacks just so I can grin at the
postal worker when my flat-rate box would cost $30 to ship if not for
the flate rate!

3. I will not spend hours seeking new and different "things" to send
our guys.

4. I will not send more than 2 care packages a week.

5. I will not order another 10 pair of Covert socks until the Thorlo
socks are all sent.

6. I will not seek other support groups that offer to send our
Marines care packages, just because they want to show support.

7. I will not look forward to, and enjoy immensely, stuffing boxes
until there is not a single inch of space wiggle room.

8. I will not fill out another custom's form.

9. I will not spend my entire lunch hour waiting in the post office
line to send our Marines snacks and socks.

10. I will not solicit mail from our local schools to send to our guys.

For me it would be:
1. I will not put any more sweets into my packages
2. I will not rag on the postal worker about how the package is supposed to be sent just because I already know and they are taking too long.
3. I will not cut off the postal worker when they tell me that my package cannot be sent priority.
4. I will stop making lists of things to pack for him when he is in Iraq.
5. See above rules!

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Deena said...

No wiggle room ROCKS!