Monday, April 24, 2006

The hole in the wall...

Last week we went grocery shopping at FoodMaxx and Anthony had to go to the bathroom. So I sent him with Ben since he was with me. Good idea for him to use the guys bathroom for once. Two minutes later they returned to me because he wouldn't use the bathroom because there was a hole in the wall and the boogey man was going to get him.

He keeps talking about it.

Mom brought him home some special toilet paper in hopes that he'll start wiping himself again. I think it might work. It has this puppy on it with little paw prints showing how much paper to use. It's really cute, and he thought it was great.

I've decided everyone needs to know about the nastiest thing I've ever baked.
The other day I bought some carob chips at Whole Foods. I'd never tried it so I thought what the heck! They weren't bad. Anthony ate them and thought they were chocolate. I figured cool! So I used the rest to make "brownies". They looked like brownies, had the texture of brownies, even sorta smelled like brownies. And then me and Anthony tried them. I almost threw up but kept a straight face to see what Anthony's reaction would be. He took one bite, gagged and spit it back onto the plate. LOL Needless to say the rest is being used as compost.
Unless you've never had chocolate in your life, or just LOVE carob, I would suggest against baking "brownies" with it. It's just SOOOOO wrong.

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