Monday, April 24, 2006

Anneliese and her words...

She's just so adorable. She'll sit there and watch you talk to her and then she'll start cooing and making all these vowel sounds, and sometimes laugh. It's just so funny. And she'll smile and smile.
It's funny the things that she thinks are funny. Like making popping sounds with your mouth. And singing. She'll laugh and talk when I sing to her. Anthony hated me singing to him...up until a few months ago he'd even tell me to stop it! Now he tries to sing a long with me. I'm trying to help him interact more with Anneliese, it seems to calm him down a bit. I'm starting to see that he does have a bit of sibling-rivalry going on, but it's a subconcious thing. He'll try to sit on my lap while I'm nursing her or climb all over me while I'm bent over changing her diaper. He'll even scoot himself into position over the top of her and get right in her face and talk to her while I'm trying to change her. So I'm trying to make a point of getting him involved. She loves it when he talks to her. She watches him so intently in all he does, she just hates when he gets right in her face. He's starting to see, though, that if he stands back a bit and just talks softly and gently to her that she'll talk right back and smile at him.

I hope they become good friends. Don't get me wrong--I'm not delusional in thinking they'll never fight or anything, but I just hope they can love eachother and move past those things.

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