Monday, April 24, 2006

Dealing with Credit Bureaus

Quite honestly, I love dealing with financial stuff. Granted I sometimes get stressed out by it, but it can be so interesting.

The Credit Bureaus, I've learned, are actually pretty gung-ho about wanting you to work with them to fix your reports, challenge things, dispute items. It's great. Ok, and it makes me feel like I have something important to do. I'm discovering I'm one of those women who needs something to do to feel complete and competent. So...if I have nothing to do...I make something for myself to do. Get interested in something and then just go nuts until I feel like I'm finished, or can't go on. The can't go on thing happens quite often but then I think that's because others don't want to "play" with me and so I get bored. I'm an odd cookie. But anyways, the CB's should be bugged as much as possible. You never know when someone has stuck something nasty in your report that can be fixed with a letter or a phone call.

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