Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hello 2012

How quickly life goes!

I'm refraining from making resolutions for this year. Really, isn't the whole point to try to be a better you anyway? We're supposed to aim for that everyday. I figure more of the same is good. A concerted effort towards a better me, everyday, whatever that might be. Done!

Since I last wrote Anthony has started back in school. I was incredibly weary, stressed out, worried to tears, and feeling out of control about the whole thing. Knowing how difficult life can be for him sometimes, I was worried that it would not be feasible for him to go back into that environment without some trouble. But Kevin was insistent that it would be best for him to have some one else to help him, and me to have less stress from the constant fight it was to try to teach him and tend to our highly needy youngest. I prayed like crazy, and prayed that God would intercede as far as his teachers and friends went, that they would be what he needed. And I prayed that I could let go a little and have some peace. It's been a struggle for me to relax. It's been about a month and a half, and so far things seem to be going ok. He struggles to keep up, and to move quickly. That's always been something hard for him. He's doing great socially. For all the struggling we did here at home to get as much done in as little time possible...he's not far behind. And he seems to be catching up just fine. The teachers are being very accommodating. Thursday we meet with the teachers, Special Education Director and the Principal to put an individual education plan into effect. I have hope that it will be a good thing. They have his psychological evaluation, and now enough time spent with him in the classroom to help gauge what will work best for him. His teachers have been communicating well with me regarding his work and everything, and seem open to input so that is good.

I'm finally able to relax a little and focus on entertaining Matthew. He is super busy. He has to be kept busy to keep him out of trouble. It's a full time job! As any mommy will know, taking care of little ones is. He is like both Annie and Anthony combined, times 10. With a gigantic dollop of trouble on top. But, at least knowing that the other two kids are doing ok at school helps me to relax enough to focus on having fun with him and not just trying to tolerate and work around him. I really enjoyed Christmas break and having them home, and miss them all day. The older two seem happy to be back into the swing of school, and Matthew is happy having me all to himself. He actually sat down for a minute, with a board book, and looked at it with me. That is HUGE. Usually, the pages get ripped/torn/broken and it goes flying across the room or at someone. Progress is good. He's also becoming more vocal about what he wants, and I don't even mind so much when he tells me, "No Mama," because it's become a statement and not so much an out of control reaction. I love it.

Finding peace amidst the craziness, and loving it.
Happy New Year.

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