Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cleaning up!

Our diet that is.

Having highly sensitive, highly needy kids it shouldn't surprise me that they're tummies, immune systems, and attitudes are sensitive as well. The thing is, for a minute you would just like to pretend that there is one thing that can be "normal". We all need to rethink what normal is though. What works for most or some should not be judged as the norm. Yes, I know majority rules. But when the the majority of my family has sensitivities....well, then sensitive is the norm because that is what my life is about--my family. That doesn't mean I'm not still working towards acceptance:)

A few weeks ago I decided to try out an elimination diet of sorts. Honestly it was out of desperation. Our youngest, Matthew, was making us all feel neurotic. Constant outburst (seriously all day, from one thing to another), tantrums, fit throwing, object throwing, meanness, hair pulling, food pitching, wall climbing, door slamming, awake until 3 in the morning, no going out in public sort of neurotic. Everything was a fight. I know 2 year olds throw tantrums, etc. I've plenty of experience with that. This was just unreal, and we were ready to rip our hair out. The other two kids were feeling this way as well. We had tried everything as far as discipline. Nothing was working. The pediatrician didn't take me seriously. I knew something had to change, and all I knew to do was eliminate everything so at least we could rule foods out of the equation.

The first thing to go--> sugar! Or as much of it as I could eliminate reasonably without clearing out all our cupboards and fridge. Doing just the little bit at a time has helped tremendously. Secondly, as much processed food as possible, and items with preservatives. Granted, I spend a lot more time thinking about food (which I really would rather not), but it's helped him calm down SO much just in the last few weeks. Those very simple things have made our life more bearable. He's actually changed from whacking you in the face when you lean to hug or kiss him, to hugging or kissing back, and being playful. Who knew there was a sweet (still busy trouble-maker) under those food poisons. Yup, to me they are poison because they make my baby be something other than who he really is. We're seeing that there is a nice, playful guy under there. We just had to find him! The effort is worth it.

Granted, we have quite a ways to go, but the difference has been amazing. We'll keep going and see what happens.

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The Mavys said...

Liberty has the worst food troubles of all the kids in this family, and I saw that same transformation in her when I finally figured out her problem. She's such a happy, loving kid now - before she was cranky and miserable and a pill. It took almost two years to get her diet to near perfection, but now that we have her on a scrupulously wheat-, corn- and soy-free diet, she can handle a lot of foods that gave her fits as recently as 3 months ago. All the best, Celeste. It's time consuming and outrageously expensive, but totally worth it when you get to spend time with your real kid instead of a poisoned pain :)