Sunday, November 07, 2010

Nature Walk

It was a frigged day today. Very breezy and cold. But that didn't stop Annie from wanting to go for a nature walk. It's always an adventure doing something with her. She's full of ideas and questions. A nature walk quickly evolves into something else.

She quickly decided that she wanted to visit the graveyard of a family that rested out in the middle of one of the crop fields. She wanted to see who was there. So down the long dirt road we walked.

She collected leaves for each one of the "poor people", as she called them. And then she asked Jesus to let them come be in Heaven with Him. It was adorable. The majority of the graves had flowers at them. She was more concerned with the ones without, and wanted to know about the little ones off to the side. A quick read of the gravestones told the story of Bettie having several stillbirths and children that died at a very young age, somewhere around the mid to late 1880's. Very sad. Annie decided that someone must have forgotten to bring them flowers, so she collected big piles of leaves and lay them at each one of the children's graves.

And then we ran home! Mr. Anthony met us half way on his bike.

I enjoyed seeing the loads of acorns:) I recall in one of the lower grades of school having gone one year on an overnight trip to explore Native American culture and life and we mashed our own acorn mush for breakfast the next morning. It was disgusting, but a good experience! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love this. She is so balanced.