Monday, June 07, 2010

The suspense....

It's what will kill you! I can deal with hearing something bad, but it's the waiting for the results that will kill you. The suspense is nerve racking. Every time my phone rings my stomach does this huge lurch. I'd much rather someone just tell me the results of my biopsy than have to wait around for them. UGH!

I really believe it's probably nothing serious, but if I don't hear something today I may lose my mind. The up side is that I have some things to keep me occupied...

Matthew has a check up today. I always feel so bad taking the kids for check ups. They hate being poked and prodded, and they tend to believe someone is going to do something stick a needle in them! Am I the only one that sees that sticking needles in your child from day one may traumatize them and make them feel uncomfortable even entering a doctor's office? Not that I'm against vaccinations. (Not that I'm much for them either.) But isn't there a more gentle way to do it? Perhaps one at a time. Or more spread out. Someone has to come up with something that doesn't torture them.

This evening my kids have ice skating. They really love ice skating. It's really hard on me sometimes though because we have to drive an hour to get there. And it's very expensive. And the baby cries mostly the whole time. And him crying makes everyone tense. But they love it. I am torn. We're going anyway.

So yes, my head is full of random things this morning. Very sorry.

I am having a real intense desire to chop off all my hair. One of my symptoms is that it is falling out. With a vengeance. Like, if you walk by me you might get my hair on you. It's coming out in handfuls so I mostly wear it in a ponytail/bun/messy up-do all the time. Boring. And disturbing when I take it down at the end of the day. A hair band full of hair, and lots of brushing to get it out before I go to bed so my baby doesn't end up tangled in it in bed. To cut, or not? *sigh*

How 'bout you just stop falling out dumb hair.

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Dominique said...

Don't cut it off! Maybe use a claw clip or something that won't yank on it so much? Did you ask your doctor about it? Maybe take some biotin or something?