Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Checking in from California

It's is Oh-So-Good to be home! I've missed it so much.

We've been having a really nice time as well. My older brother came up from Mountain View to visit. It been a few years since we got to see one another. My sister came up for a visit, and then she met my mom and the kids and I in SF. We visited the Legion of Honor, (Picasso and Monet and Beaugoreaux Oh Yes!), and then a lovely picnic in the park to let the kids play. It was a beautiful day.

We've hung around Sonoma Country enjoying the scenery, shopping and just being with family. We've visited our old parish, which brought tears to my eyes. *happy sigh* I've missed it here immensely. I've missed having family around. It's been great for the kids. They are so happy and content to just be here.

With just under a week left, there is still time to meet with a couple more friends and family and soak in the beauty.

The only thing I really feel badly about is leaving my brother back in Jacksonville to watch the house and take care of our bunny. If that weren't the case, I'd extend our visit and stay till I couldn't put off paying the bills anymore! :)

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Anonymous said...

The joy of having you here is wonderful! Not counting the days - just soaking them in whilst I can.